Friday, March 16, 2012

Merlin Season 4!

like!! Emrys


The King!

I'm Fan of Merlin!!!

sedeyyy... Merlin season 4 habis suda.... Mlm td tngok kat Diva with hubby... Anna & Ammar dah nyeyak tido.. Kalo tak berebut Channel dgn anna... Biasalah dia dgn Cartoon Network dia.. eemmm... Happy Ending bile Gwen jadi permaisuri.. x sabar nak tunggu Merlin 5!!!.... Sbb Morgana x mati lagik... pastu mana dtg plak anak dragon tolong Morgana... Merlin 5 msti lg Happening...

Sapa Fanatic Merlin jom sign up kat

Merlin FactsThis is a featured page

1) Merlin is awesome!
2) Sir Leon seems to be immortal.
3) In series 4 Morgana seems to have given up brushing her hair
4) Merlin is the best TV show ever! (If your obsessed with it that is)
5) It is just so unbelievably great!!! :)
6) Prophecies always come true - no matter how hard you try to change that.

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